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The proven leader in auxiliary battery charging in Australia. Using unique DC-DC charging profiles & MPPT solar regulator to suit all lead acid, AGM & LiFePO4 Lithium auxiliary batteries. The ultimate charging solution in 4x4’s, caravans and campers.

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Redarc Manager 30 BMS incorporates AC, DC & Solar inputs with battery monitoring and are designed to charge and maintain all lead acid, AGM & LiFePO4 Lithium auxiliary batteries. The ultimate charging and management solution in 4x4’s, caravans and campers.

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5 days ago

4x4 Wiring Solutions

Lithium upgrade and full revision of electrical accessories in Mick's tough Hilux Megatourer!

Twin cranking batteries, twin lithium batteries, Redarc Manager30, ARB twin Compressor, water pump, inverter, lights... I will post pics of this awesome electrical system over the next few weeks!

#4x4WiringSolutions #Redarc #RevolutionPowerAustralia #RansomConstructions
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Sensational work as always thanks mate! 😊 👍 Think you tagged the wrong person but

Mint setup 🤙👌

You are the best Gary

Cha ching $$$

Angus McCloud

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4 months ago

4x4 Wiring Solutions

I have seen some strange stuff under vehicles while running new wires. But never this long or alive!

It slithered around in my Dmax this morning much to my customers' and my own surprise! Perhaps the many years of wrestling wires under 4x4's put me in good shape to catch the slippery serpent!😎😎😎

Cheers, Gary
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Wow Gazza you’ve got a massive snake

Hazard pay ?!!

Oooohh - Yuk!!! Wouldn't have seen me for dust.

That is just crazy 😬🐍 Don’t know how you could touch it 🙈

I will be checking vehicles more thoroughly from now on!😳

Anthony Worksalot fark dat


Far out!!!!! That is massive!!!

Clint Stacey

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4 months ago

4x4 Wiring Solutions

Another awesome canopy electrical system by 4x4 Wiring Solutions!

Steve's canopy uses my PBS40D Extreme Portable dual battery system to power his canopy. Running a fridge, internal LED lights, work lights and accessories sockets all via a fuse box for a super neat install.

Best of all Steve can simply unplug his dual battery system to use in his boat or leave at camp as a power station!

All PBS Extreme systems are custom built by 4x4 Wiring Solutions, right here in the Redlands, using the best Redarc battery chargers and 100A/h sealed Lead Crystal or Lithium batteries.

Cheers, Gary.
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4 months ago

4x4 Wiring Solutions

Steve's Canopy - PBS40D Extreme ... See moreSee less


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Looks good mate. How do you find those drawers?? Are they from MW?

Great system never had a problem with the system in the car or the van. Well done Gary Dare

Jacob Mill

Liam Kay

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Gary Dare

About Gary

Gary Dare is the owner and operator of 4x4 Wiring Solutions.

Gary is a Qualified Mechanic with over 16 years experience gained working at ARB 4x4 Accessories. ARB is Australia’s leading 4x4 accessory manufacturer and Gary has been fortunate to gain valuable experience working on the latest 4x4 vehicles for many years.

Gary has extensive knowledge and experience integrating after-market accessory wiring with the complicated ECU controlled wiring systems found in many late model 4x4 vehicles. From Toyota Landcruiser, Prado and Hilux, Nissan Patrol and Navara, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, Holden Colorado, Mitsubishi Triton and many more.

If quality and professionalism are what you are looking for, call Gary today to talk about a wiring solution for your vehicle.

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